The Big Day - Moving to the New Paladim Workshop!

The Big Day - Moving to the New Paladim Workshop!

The Big Day is today! We are proud and happy to tell that today we moved to our new workshop!

It all started at home in 2012 and a couple of months later I moved to my grandparents' old garage. Together we turned it into a great workshop that did a wonderful job for the past four years. We brought machines and tools to action and made over 2000 beautiful lamps and clocks there...


We will miss it, that's for sure. But we believe the future is even better - with our accumulated knowlegde in design and production, and with your feedback as fans and owners of Paladim products, and with more space to work on our projects.

Any ideas you may have about getting something cool to the new workshop are welcome. We are currently busy with making a target for our bow. Archery is cool, right? :)


Hey, don't hurry to think its mess and ugly - we are on it already. Talk to you soon and make it a good day!


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