How Paladim Started

How Paladim Started

It all started in the summer of 2012 when I made my first wooden lamp. I have always had a passion about creating and designing stuff, even graphic and game design, too. This summer my dad and I were redoing my sister's room and one day I had to go and buy a buck of latex to repaint the walls. In the store I went there were a lot of lighting fixtures - pendants, chandeliers, but what impressed me most were the desk lamps. I really liked some of them, and decided that when we finish with the painting I will make a special lamp to fit my sister's new room. And so I did. It had nothing to do with the lamps I currently make, but I will tell you about that later.

After I made my first lamp, my sister really liked it, so I made a second but this time I changed the design a bit. And so other people saw the lamps and wanted to have their own - this is how the hobby turned into business. I couldn't just produce the lamps, I needed money for the supplies and later I even quit my job. With every next lamp they turned better and I always had new ideas to implement (and still have). A few months later and had an idea for a clock, so I made one, then a second, then a third, and so on. Now you can see various items in my shop, because I have numerous inspirations, but you have to know that all started with a lamp. In short this is how it all started.

At first I made all items at home but it wasn't the place to craft wood at all. Then, in February 2013, I took a garage and turned it into a nice workshop where I currently work. I had the first exhibition of Paladim handmade in April 2013 is Sofia, Bulgaria. The event motivated me even more, and this is what has always kept me going - people's admiration and gratitude. This is what is most important to me, I want everyone who buys an item from my shop to be satisfied and happy that he placed his or her order. This is how the story goes so far. I hope for success and more inspirations in future.

~ Dimitar Palanski

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