Grown in Bulgaria

Grown in Bulgaria

We, at Paladim Handmade have given our very best to create a brand that fully matches with our values, and as a company that is constantly growing, we have put a lot of hard work into establishing where we stand. As You can notice, all of our unique pieces are made of wood, and we have dedicated a great amount of time to make sure that we give back to the community and environment. The products displayed on our site are made from beautiful Linden timber grown in the highest peaks of Rila Mountain and have been crafted with much love and dedication. Not only that, but we also make sure that you get the finest quality of art and design. We strive to provide world class standard of handmade products combined with superb service.

This type of wood is quite remarkable and its glamour could be seen in the finesse of our workmanship. Grown in the deep forests of Bulgaria, this exceptional type of wood, makes for one of the best handmade wooden furniture in the world. When you buy from Paladim, you give yourself something truly remarkable and unique. Elegancy of our pieces combined with stylish design is what makes our brand one of a kind. We encourage you to look at our catalogue and see for yourself.

Our organization is big supporter of preserving the forests and using wood material in sustainable and eco-friendly way. As a company that is highly reliable on wood material, we are making sure that our approach is long-term beneficial and environmentally friendly. We have established our very own foundation where we organize planting trees and building bird houses. Our goal is to educate people about preserving the environment and inspire them to action. We are in the process of creating different campaigns and making people aware what Paladim is about. Our products are only part of our ambitious vision, not only do we want to make people happy with our pieces, but ultimately make a change.

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The products displayed on our site are made from beautiful Linden timber grown in the highest peaks

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