Paladim: The Magic of Intentional Design, by the Apollo Box

Paladim: The Magic of Intentional Design, by the Apollo Box

Paladim: The Magic of Intentional Design


Dimitar here. I had a pleasant talk with Janelle Garcia from the Apollo Box who are our retailers in the USA. Here is the interview and what I had to say about running a business, creating products and motivation. Hope it will inspire at least one of you to dedicate and work for your dreams!

(interview by Janelle Garcia, the Apollo Box Blog)

We rarely stop to think about the design, meaning or story behind our everyday items.  The desk that you’re sitting at.  The pen you jot down notes with, or the laptop that I’m typing on.  Yet intentional design is what drives Dimitar Palanski when he sits down and starts to map out a new Paladim lamp. 

Paladim lamps aren’t your ordinary lamps.  These lamps catch your eye mid-use, and make you admire the lines, the edges and rich wood colors.

“What we do at Paladim, it should be genius in some way.  It should be creative, it should have some thought behind it,” says Palanski.

The “Kran” is a lamp that embodies all of the above.  This lamp took over 5 years to create and revise.

“I like that it was a totally different thing and it evolved a lot,” Palanski said.

The growth and evolvement process is a step Palanski takes with every piece he creates, and he loves every second of it. This process gives Palanski the room to find and place intention behind every angle, every function, and every dimension in all Paladim lamps.


Paladim Beginnings

Paladim wasn’t planned.  In 2012, Palanski was studying Human Resources at the University of National and World Economy, and had already completed two years. But it was one ordinary act during his summer holiday that would change the course and direction of his career.

Palanski describes himself as “a guy who makes stuff”.  So one day during his summer holiday, he decided to put his hands to work and make a lamp.   So he gathered the materials and started to build.

“I came up with something that I can make,” says Palanski, “it was an interesting experience”.

After the first lamp was complete, he made another.  He then decided to open an online shop and made his first sale.  Palanski began to build lamps out of his home, and several months later transferred his work to his grandparents garage.

When it came to deciding whether he wanted to pursue a Masters degree in HR, or continue to build Paladim, Palanski chose Paladim. Today him and his employees are now working out of their very own workshop.


Paladim Wisdom and Revelations 

The number one piece of advice Palanski has for people who want to pursue their dream career and passion, is to go out and do it.

“What I believe, what I see in people, is if you do stuff, if you don’t just stay and wait for something to happen, if you’re active and you like it, you’ll drive it.  I’m pretty something will happen and sometimes we don’t even realize it.  It’ll change the direction of your life.

A lesson Paladim taught Palanski is that life is compiled of ups and downs and all you can do is meet these fluctuations with expectation and grace.  Palanski faced a “down” back in 2014, after he fell off his bicycle, broke his arm and was unable to work.

“It’s these times when you feel insecure, when you’re scared about what you are doing could be gone, real easily, and it’s not that hard, it’s not that stable,” says Palanski.

This lesson made Palanski realize that the unexpected happen, but if you continue your endeavor, you’re bound to meet the “ups” of life again.

“The good thing is that these times pass and the good things come again.”


The Paladim Future and Legacy

Since opening, Paladim has made over 3000 products.  Soon Paladim will sell more than lamps, and Palanski says he has furniture ideas and designs in mind.

Creating works of art that others can use and enjoy is what Palanski wants to be remembered for.

“Being useful is what I want to leave as a legacy , and of course products that are also useful,” says Palanski, “What I do makes a difference in somebody else’s’ lives.”

If the the ups and downs of life work out for Palanski, he’ll be designing and creating lamps and other useful products over the years to come.

When asked if he sees himself doing this forever, Palanski earnestly replied “Well I hope so. I enjoy this kind of work, I really love my work.  I’m so lucky.”


Read the full article at the Apollo Box Blog.

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