The "Kran" - Evolution of a Concept

The "Kran" - Evolution of a Concept

The first "Kran" desk lamp was born in my home back in 2012. It was of significant meaning for Paladim and me because it was the first of many to come. Many and better.

"Kran" number one, 2012

The first Kran desk lamp, 2012
A wire from an old lamp was used. Twine was entagled around it to hide the ugly white rubber of the cable cord. Used a GU10 socket. Really unstable and unbalanced... The photo was taken at home on the background of white wrapping paper. Not so good, but after reconsidering the structure there was the next version.

"Kran" the revised version, 2012

Kran desk lamp - 2012
Changed the proportions.

"Kran", 2013

Kran desk lamp - 2013
Now crafting all Paladim products in the garage workshop.

Kran desk lamp - 2013
"Kran" double arms and more stability, 2013.

Kran desk lamp - 2013Kran desk lamp - 2014
"Kran" without twine and with stainless steel wire attachment, 2014. Powered by G9 light bulb.

"Kran", 2015

Kran desk lamp - 2015Kran desk lamp - 2015

Hot-stamped.Stronger than ever.

"Kran" 2016

Kran desk lamp - 2016

"Kran" next level, 2017

 Kran desk lamp - shade 2017Kran sketchComputer drawing for laser cuting Kran

Kran 2017

"Kran" in the future... we'll see...

Kran future



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