Designed to inspire.

Kran 2017 M desk lamp initial concept ideaWe believe our job as carfters is to inspire and provoke through our inventions. What defines our style is function - anything we do has a purpose. Our craft is something you can communicate with. Every product we make possesses energy and has its own character. Some works are friendly and fun, others are massive and strong, but all are charismatic.

When we are creating a new product we work with numbers, sizes and forms. Our designs incorporate symmetry, progression and regression, relation between elements. Geometry and maths is always involved in the process. This is what makes our produts so functional and exceptional. They look and feel innate. They tell the story of how thought can take physical forms in the material world we live in.

 Making it a reality

Denis making the new stainless steel arms project, laser engraved Kran armsThe path to materializing your concept can sometimes be longer than you wish. However it all comes up to making all the steps needed to lead you there. Often at the workshop we have to create certain forms, elements and joints to complete an idea. When you try this and that you find out what works and what doesn't. We don't get unnecessarily fancy and strive to keep our style real and showing the truth of things. You can see what builds the whole thing and see how everything connects to everything else.
handmadeKran 2017 M working project

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