Before the lamps, on my way as a maker

Before the lamps, on my way as a maker

It was a computer program called "Game Maker" and it was 2006 when I found it.

The software has changed drastically since I was using it but I am happy it is still developed. See it at

Here is a short collection of projects I have made using Game Maker. My time with this software is precious to me and my initial intent to put this archive together is because I want it uploaded somewhere public.

This is how my creative path began. This is when I first met Adobe Photoshop and 3D modelling software (I enjoyed building my own characters in 3D and "painting" them in Photoshop).

Later on I would even sell my first and only completely finished computer game!

Lets see some memories now...

Project "Funky", 2012

All graphics are self made.

Project Funky by dmitko gamesProject Funky

Project Blob (ice tower game), 2012

All graphics are self made.

project blob by dmitko games

Sheeped, 2009

action shooter with fancy guys driving fancy vehicles and using sheep, pigs and brains as weapons. All graphics are self made.

Sheeped demo

"SHEEPED" 3D shooter, 2009, dmitko games

Sheeped game cover

Valhus, 2009

Volleyball game for two players on the same computer. All graphics are self made.

Valhus game by dmitko

Intenze, 2008

Top-down shooter that has a multiplayer mode, which can be only played on LAN (local network). It was glitchy and I never finished it.
(my username was "dmitko" back in the days... see the credits)

Intenze game by dmitkointenze game credits

Pure Action CTF, 2007

First-person shooter where two teams (red and blue, of course) go around small levels seeking to terminate each other trying to capture the enemy flag, thus CTF (capture the flag). And no, there is no "pure action" at all haha, but many many glitches exist. Can be played on LAN, too.

pactf demo

Pure Action CTF, fps first person shooter game by dmitko gamespactf logo

the Game Maker software

Game Maker

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