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RIBA floor lamp - repurposed chairs sculpture

RIBA floor lamp - repurposed chairs sculpture

A project like no other before - the "RIBA" floor lamp is an oversized art sculpture that I made out of two old barber chairs.
This built was part of a competition for upcycling and I got a pair of chairs that I had to reuse. And this is the result - a spectacular (in my opinion at least) lighting decoration.

First I took the chairs apart making sure I do the least damage and I did almost none - the joints were well made and the oak wood is pretty strong and sturdy enough so it holds what needed without any strong glue (these chairs were made around 1980s). After playing around with the building elements and trying this and that I came up with the final structure which was then sanded down (a lot of sanding) and finished with a sating coat that should protect the wood for another decade at least and allows for cleaning.


• HxWhD: 90x120x50cm
• weight: 23kg
• the "eyes" spheres measure Ф20 and Ф30cm and can be dimmed (2x E27 lightbulb sockets)
• ambient red LED strip can be turned on and off
• another E27 lightbulb can be turned on and off on the tip of the "fishing rod"

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